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ZOMBIE DEBT…and how to Protect Yourself from these crazies!

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014

ZOMBIE DEBT…and how to Protect Yourself from these crazies!

Zombie debt is old debt purchased by debt collectors hoping to intimidate consumers into paying the debt. Intimidate because usually the debt is beyond the Statute of Limitations OR because the person calling doesn’t really own the debt.   And any payment made by you regenerates the debt back into life!

Morally we all feel obligated to pay our debts; but are you morally obligated to pay a debt from 10 years ago that you can’t remember if you owe it or not? Are you really morally obligated to pay a stranger who claims you owe it to them? Zombie debt collectors love to prey on your moral compass – hoping that your own feelings of moral compassfeelings of integrity and responsibility will get you to breathe life back into this dead debt, and pay them off. The sad fact is, even if you pay it off, if they were not the actual owner of the debt (and the debt has been sold to numerous companies) any one of zombie collectors can harass you in an attempt to collect.   You may even pay it, only to have an entirely different company call you and ask for payment.

The best step in protecting yourself is leveraging the law – as in the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act and your state’s Debt Collection Practices Act.  (Click State Fair Debt Collection Laws;  find your state and see the name of the act.  Click State by State Statute of Limitations for Debt).   As with any debt collector who calls – always insist that they 1)validate you owe the debt; 2) validate they are the legal owner of the debt and 3) and only communicate with you via written communications.

Zombie debt

You are not legally responsible for any debts that have expired based on the Statute of Limitations; and you are not morally obligated to pay a stranger.  If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from Zombie Debt Collectors visit our “Defending Against Illegal Collection Practices” membership and put the zombie debt where it belongs…in its grave.


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