Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Understanding Securitization on Foreclosure

Understanding Securitization on Foreclosure

Understand the SecuritizationBasic Overview of Securitization and its impact on Foreclosures

This gives a layman's overview of Securitization and the issues it creates in the foreclosure process.

Secutization ExpertsDo your OWN Preliminary Securitization Audit (Pro Se Members Only)

This is a basic how to manual to determine if your loan has been sold and "securitized".  Great tool to determine if it makes sense to hire a professional auditor.  

FREE members may purchase this manual in our eStore.

Don't forget to leverage the Glaski Quick Search for the preliminary documents!

7059002Foreclosure Issues with Securitization (Pro Se)

This section provides members with a more in depth review of the issues securitization is presenting to homeowners, including a review of California and Federal Statutes that other homeowners are citing to in their foreclosure battle. 


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