Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Jurisidictionary – How to Win Your Lawsuit

Simplifying the Rules of Court Since 1997

No Lawyer? ... Know What it Takes to Win PRO SE
Paying a Lawyer? ... Know What SHOULD Be Done
Affordable 24-Hour Course Makes it EASY TO LEARN!
Simplifies Evidence Rules and Procedural Tactics
Thousands Are Winning with this 24-Hour Step-by-Step Self-Help Course
Overcome Courtroom Corruption - Control Judges and Lawyers !

Created by an Attorney with over 25 Years of Case-Winning Experience



If you're threatened with a foreclosure and can't afford a lawyer or aren't sure you can trust the lawyer you have, visit Jurisdictionary® to get step-by-step tips and tactics for winning ... with or without a lawyer."

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  1. Josefa Waite

    I personally Think blog, “Jurisidictionary
    – How to Win Your Lawsuit | Information to Fight
    Foreclosures” ended up being good! I actuallycouldn’t agree with u more! Finally looks like I actuallyfound a blogging site really worth checking out. Thanks for your effort, Josefa


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