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Glaski Quick Search

Glaski Quick Search

Glaski Quick Search

This Info To Fight Foreclosure Search service helps homeowners quickly identify if their situation has similar characteristics of the Glaski v. Bank of America, et al case in regards to the late assignment.

Thomas A. Glaski sued Bank of America, et al alleging the assignment of deed of trust was too late and a void act of the Trustee of the REMIC Trust (not to be confused with Trustee of the Deed of Trust)   Click here for the Glaski ruling.  The Quick Search is specific to identifying if the Assignment of Deed of Trust recorded against your title suffers the same defects as Glaski's assignment.   Please keep in mind this is not legal advice and once this information is researched , it is highly recommended you discuss the findings with your attorney.

YOU Provide -  the Deed of Trust and Assignment of Deed of Trust you want evaluated.

 ITFF Provides - Glaski Quick Search Report that contains the following information:

  1.  Identifies the parties to the Deed of Trust and assignment
  2.  Closing and Cut off date of the REMIC Trust
  3.  Governing law of the Pooling & Servicing Agreement 
  4.  Identifies the  REMIC Trustee and Servicer prohibitions against acceptance of a late assignment. 
  5. Current cases that identify the assignment is "void" for New York or Delaware.

Click her for a redacted  Glaski Sample Report  

SUPPORTING Documents with Glaski Quick Search:

  1.   Report provides an electronic copy of the PSA as downloaded from the  Security Exchange Commission's website, Edgar.
  2.  Court rulings of the cases identify in #5 above.


THIS INFORMATION IS NOT evidence for COURT proceedings;  it is INFORMATION for you to discuss with your attorney or evaluate for your claims against wrongful foreclosure.  Info To Fight Foreclosure does not provide an affidavit.

Processing Time

Our regular business hours are 8am to 5pm PST, Mon. through Friday.  Typical turn around time is 48 to 72 hours; for emergency review the investment is $75.00 and we provide 24  hour turnaround (Mon. to Sun., 8am to 9pm, PST - we have to sleep at some time!) Emergency reviews must send an email to requesting the service so we may confirm if we can accommodate your request.

What the Search DOES NOT do

This search does not FIND  a trust that is not identified.  It is very specific to those assignments in which the Trust IS identified. If the assignment does not identify the trust then the purchase will be refunded minus a minimal $3.00 fee for processing. 

If you need assistance locating the trust, please see our "How to Find Securitization Documents" and "Edgar Who?"; and our Securitization Experts Section.  Pro Se Members may find these documents in the Understanding Securitization Section and download them at no additional costs; all others please visit our Store.

After purchase you will be directed to a page to upload your Deed of Trust and Assignment of Deed of Trust.  They must be in PDF format. If you do not have PDF please fax to 925.952.7130.  DO NOT PURCHASE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE DOCUMENTS READY FOR UPLOADING OR FAXING.  If you need assistance on understanding how to get copies, please see Examining Documents. (Must be at a minimum FREE registered  member)


Glaski Quick Search
This quick tool helps homeowners quickly identify if their situation has similar characteristics of the Glaski v. Bank of America, et al case in regards to the late assignment and the wrong depositor. Turn around time is 2 to 3 business days. Purchaser MUST supply the Deed of Trust/Mortgage/Warranty Deed and Assignment of Deed of Trust to be evaluated in the Glaski Quick Search. Turn around is calculated from time of submission of the Deed of Trust and Assignment.

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