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The Value of Jury Instructions

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013

The Value of Jury Instructions

2013 Logo Revamp for Website Refresh3Since many of us do not get to a “jury by trial” stage, we probably haven’t spent any time really exploring standard jury instructions.   Some attorneys say that when they are preparing a case they START with the jury instructions because those instructions explain exactly what the attorney needs to prove in order to get a finding in favor of their client.

As pro se’s – jury instructions give you a “blue print” of the elements of the cause of action that you must prove (and saves you a lot of time culling different resources trying to figure out what those elements are).  More importantly, they ask you the questions about the facts that support your claim.

The 2013 California CACI (pronounced Casey) for Jury Instructions provides very interesting insights – including but not limited to:

  1. The elements that must be proven
  2. What facts prove the elements
  3. The sources and authority (the statutes or codes that make up the cause of action) and some cases that support the cause of action
  4. Secondary Sources


As pro se getting your mind around the “law” is no easy feat; this book of instructions is an excellent starting place for grasping these concepts and getting you on the right track for your “blueprint” on how to prove your claims.

Click here to gain access to the 2013 version plus the supplement text.

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