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Websites we Love to Follow!

Websites we Love to Follow!

HBOR_Logo1a California Homeowner Bill of Rights Collaborative

This website, designed for attorneys, provides homeowners will information on leading issues in the fight against wrongful foreclosures and evictions (unlawful detainers).  Supported by leading consumer defense firms such as the National Law Center, Western Center on Law & Poverty, and Tenants Together the collaborative updates visitors with leading legal wins and provides an overview of our basis legal rights.  The program is funding by the California State Attorney General and settlement funds from the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement.  


This group stays on top of multiple litigations, unafraid to post the disasters along with the successes.  Valuable info is updated regularly and worth of regular visits.


Neil Garfleld is one of the nation's foremost experts on the fraud national banks and wall street entities have perpetrated on the American public.   Coming out of retirement to join the growing army of attorneys fighting for homeowners, Neil write a blog that brings invaluable insight to the battle. 


Thank God for these bloggers.  They have no fear about calling the bank and wall street entities actions for what they are...FRAUD.   Diving deep into the nuances of the fraud, CreditSlips remains focused on educating the public.

One of the first sites to give a voice to homeowners, has an impressive library of cases and an entertaining forum.  Just be careful, if you go in asking the wrong questions you can and mostly will, become a target of attack from some of its members.   Still a valuable source of information and well worth bookmarking for revisits.


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