Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Additional Friendly Sites of Information

Fighting foreclosure is a daunting fight; the more information you have the better positioned you are to fight.   Following are sites that we beleive provide property owners with the insights and support they need in fighting against fraud.   Click on the site or experts name to go directly to their site for more information.


Adam Levitin – Professor Levitin is one of the most respected authorities on securitization.  Prof. Levitin has spoken before the congress and various committees “shining a light” on the massive fraud financial institutions are perpetrating through wrongful foreclosures.


Charles Cox –  Charles is a leading forensic analyst providing a variety of services to homeonwers and their attorneys (Charles only works through an attorney).   Visit his site for more insight in challenging a wrongful foreclosure or working with the banks on a loan modification.

For more information and FREE white papers on this crisis gripping our nation, register as a FREE member of our site; for How to Manuals and Issue Overviews, consider our  membership subscriptions.


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  1. Storm Bradford

    It appears you are the ONLY group that knows what they’re talking about!

    Please give me a call on my direct line at: 703-622-5181

  2. Lisa

    If you want an upper hand when biyung a bank owned property as an owner occupant, you will be more sucessful contacting the listing agent to submit your offer. Reply


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