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Secutization Experts Securitization Audit Experts

 With the massive foreclosure crisis gripping our country many experts  and homeowners are seeking to understand what happened.  The  unbelievable, massive fraud that has been perpetrated by the financial  institutions have lead many homeowners to take a stand against what they  now know has been unmitigated greed run amok.

One of the areas of attack in Foreclosure Defense is the Securitization Audit.  A Securitization Audit evaluates the Trust Documents that created the REMIC[1] Trust and determines whether a specific Note ever actually “made it into the Trust” as per the Trust document requirements.  Professional Audits can provide homeowners and their attorneys with certified documents that detail the failure of the REMIC Trust to actually take ownership of the Note and Deed of Trust /Mortgage as per the Trust Documents and provide testimony by the expert conducting the Audit; the Audit may also provide details on the alleged "status" of the loan - is it being reported as incurring a loss or as performing?

There are many firms providing Securitization Audits, and like any new service, there are good audits and stupid audits.   If you want to do your own audit, make sure to pick up our 123 Do Your Own Audit! (Pro Se Members may download the book by logging in and going to "eBooks for Members".
[1] REMIC:  Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit governed by Internal Revenue Codes 860A to 860G and typically New York Trust Estate & Powers Law or the Delaware Statutory Trust Act.  (Governing law is detailed in the Trust documents)  We provide some preliminary services - a 123 Do Your Own Securitization Audit (free to members; $3.99 in the store) and Glaski Quick Search (See our store for details).    Below are a few auditor we trust and respect.

BP Investigative Agency

BPIA will always strive to support homeowners and their attorneys; to seriously increase their odds for a more favorable outcome in a very difficult and mostly misunderstood economic and legal disaster. We are a dynamic, cutting edge company that provides investigations centered on securitization and chain of title analysis, as well as foreclosure fraud. BPIA provides  litigation support and expert witness testimony services to attorneys and litigants throughout the United States.  BPIA offers a free quick search to see if your loan can be located in a REMIC Trust.  You can reach BPIA here or call them at 513.726.5954

DTC Systems

Dan Edstrom and Jim Macklin are fellow homeowners whose lives changed when their banks started lying to them.  Their foreclosure battles challenged Dan and Jim to help other homeowners fight the massive fraud. DTC Systems works closely with the Garfield legal team and provide a variety of services to homeowners.  You can reach the DTC by calling 916.207.6706 or visiting their website

Fraud Experts Signing   Fraud Experts

 Robo signing is a generic slang term for "forgery" and "perjury".   If you  have a signature on one of your documents it is possible that signature was  "robo signed" by someone else.  Linda Green, who 60 minutes exposed on  national television, is an example of a signature that has 100's of other  people signing her name.  Other popular names - Kevin Rudolph, Deborah Brignac, Erik A. Johnson-Seck.  While fraud is just one aspect of robo signing it is still very important to have an independent 3rd party verify and validate if the signatures being used in the documents and/or instruments are true signatures or forged signatures.  Here are a couple of Fraud Experts we have come to know and respect. 

Attorneys we love and respect

Attorneys We Respect and Follow

Good attorneys know the law and are not afraid of the courtroom.  Below is a list of attorneys who fight on behalf of homeowners. These attorneys have taken supporting homeowners against the wrongful foreclosures one step further; they provide informative blogs that inform homeowners with knowledge.  

If you are currently in a fight each of these sites provide listings for attorneys.  California homeowners can call us directly to discuss if we know of a successful Attorney in your local area. 


Neil Garfield

Neil is one of the first consumer defense attorneys to stand up against bank fraud.  His website has informed millions of readers of the fully corrupt national banks and their defrauding of the America public.  Visit Neil's website  Livinglies for more information. 

Max Gardner

Max Gardner has lead the charge against predatory lending and servicing practices.  He has trained hundreds (thank God!) attorneys on how to fight the multi-billion dollar national banks and their fraudulent practices.  Read Max's blog for more insights.

Matt Weidner

Calling himself "Consumer Justice Attorneys" Matt is leading the foreclosure charge as well as helping teach other attorneys how to fight this battle on behalf of homeowners.  His voice is loud; his voice is clear.  Visit Matt's Blog to learn more about his successes.

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