Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Tools and Resources to Fight Foreclosure and Unlawful Detainer

Tools and Resources to Fight Foreclosure and Unlawful Detainer

Understanding the FC Process

Understanding the Foreclosure Process

Here you will learn which documents are filed for a non-judicial foreclosure.  Included are samples of the documents and what you may want to look at when you received (or order) these documents.

Understand the Securitization

Understanding  Securitization on Foreclosure

This section provides a basic explanation of what "Securitization" is and its role in foreclosures.  Included are steps in determining if your loan was securitized and where to find the "trust documents" for the REMIC. 

Case Studies


Case Studies (Pro Se Members Only)

Case studies provide a layman's review of cases in which the homeowner won and/or loss and the lessons learned.  Included are the key pleadings. 

Cause of Action

Causes of Actions (Pro Se Members Only)

This section provides white papers on causes of action used in fighting foreclosure and/or unlawful detainer.  Each COA contains the federal and state statutes*, elements of the COA, and typical facts that must be plead for the COA.  Included are sample pleadings from other homeowner /attorney pleadings. 

* Primarily California Statutes are discussed. 

PI-Litigation-ProcessState & Federal Litigation & Tools 

Information to understand what the state litigation process looks like and access to samples of documents used in the state litigation process. (Portions Pro Se Members Only)  Includes an explanation of the California Court System and access to California Judicial Forms. Also information to understand what the federal litigation process looks like and access to sample documents used in the federal litigation process. (Portions Pro Se Members Only).  Includes and explanation of the Federal Court System and access to Federal Judicial Forms.



Can you rescind your mortgage loan? Have you rescinded it but it was ignored by the servicer and lender? In January 2015 the United States Supreme Court in a unanimous decision, found that only written notice is required. The case, Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 2015 WL 144681 (Jan. 13, 2015) and across the nation borrowers are standing up for their right to rescind fraudulent and deceptive loans.



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