Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners


Posted by on Dec 12, 2012

Do not walk, RUN to your local Barnes & Noble store, or click onto Amazon and purchase Norman Sirak’s “Overcoming Foreclosure”.   “The web of deceit required for converting mortgages into securities is so sophisticated; it makes the Mafia in the Godfather look like amateur hour.  In addition to challenging foreclosures, this book also exposes the unlawful and predatory mentality driving this scheme”   Sirak does what the standard foreclosure sites, even this one, does not do – it provides a clear understanding of what the hell the Banks and Wall Street suits have done in very clear, easy to understand terms.  Drawing parallels to everyday occurrences that resonate with the average “joe” – Sirak tells us like it is and then tells us how to attack these illegal foreclosures resulting from the predatory lending and servicing shenanigans of the banks.

One of the most fascinating statements he makes is “A shell company will be invented and then added as a party to every mortgage and deed of trust”  Sound familiar? MERS may be named as the “permanent beneficiary” but the reality is that MERS obscures the transfers and the simple fact that the “mortgage and/or deed” ended with the REMIC Trust whose funds were used to fund your loan.   And it isn’t just MERS – Homes 123 and New Century Mortgage were “shell companies” as was America Wholesale Lender.   Any mortgage and/or deed that was securitized is subject to challenge as the true lender/creditor was never disclosed to the borrower – and this book explains this and how to fight their insidious greed that has and continues, to destroy  American homeownership.

 If you are like me, you will put this down, stamp your feet, pick it back up and read some more, then put it back down and stamp your feet.  And if you are tempted to skip right to the Quiet Title action and  how to pursue your claim, DON’T.  Understanding what they did is paramount to YOUR success and ensuring that the attorneys and Judge’s don’t run over you.

Mr. Sirak suddenly passed away on October 7, 2012 – just a mere two months ago.  This man has left us a remarkable treasure that is steeped in a healthy respect for the law and an incredible understanding of our civil and property rights.   Here is his website with excerpts from the book and a review of who this man was.  May he rest in peace, and may we all achieve peace with help from his book






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