Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Obama loves mobsters – AG/Bank Settlement Stinks! My oh my..Ignorance IS bliss!

Posted by on Feb 7, 2012

Obama is threatening financially strapped states to sign on to this settlement, or else face losing federal funding to their states. A $25 Billion penalty on $13.5 TRILLION in fraudulent foreclosures and investment fraud is insulting. Why does Obama want to give safe harbor to criminals and allow them to KEEP that which they have stolen?

We know the bank executives orchestrated pumping up the housing market through fraudulent appraisals so they could sell the loans, then they lied to the investors about the quality and risk of those loans. We know they never actually conveyed Notes to the REMIC’s so Wall Street could freely sell the revenue streams on the stock market. This is KNOWN. We know the banks have committed massive fraud by using robo and surrogate signers to MANUFACTURE documents for ownership of Notes they do NOT own. This is KNOWN.

Last night I listened into an Occupy teleconference call, which called for the settlement to have, at the minimum:

1) Full disclosure of what the banks actually did. (If there is no full disclosure, then we can assume that whatever the banks agreed to means they did worse than what we know )
2) Justice must be known for all
3) Restitution to everyone that has been wronged, to make them whole ($1200 to $1800 per foreclosure and $20k principal reduction is symbolic, NOT restitution. My fraudulent appraisal overvalued the property by $55k to 90K – so $20k doesn’t’ even begin to cut it)
4) Deterrence from repeating – if there is nothing put in place to penalize them for repeating this massive fraudulent scandal – IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN
5) Reconciliation – the settlement needs to either go after the banks for their CRIMES and lies, or it must provide for real reconciliation that leads to the healing of our country. A paltry penalty of $25 Billion spread out over 5 National Banks is like asking someone for a quarter as a penalty for stealing $1,000 dollars – and by the way – the thief gets to KEEP THE $999.75 that is left over with no jail time. Sweet deal for the Banks.

While I have not read the settlement, I have heard enough to know that the Federal Government is once again headed down a road that leaves American’s out in the cold. Perhaps it is time that we the people, start taking actions on our own and forget about Washington DC and the idiots running around up there.

One of those ways is to start lobbying your LOCAL governments – city and county – to take actions on their own. Bold, decisive actions that put the people of the city and county first, instead of the mobsters we call National Banks. Get involved with Main Street Matters and learn about how local communites can stop foreclosures in their own cities.  Start with Stopping Foreclosures:  A Local Action Plan   down load this document and send it to every city and county official in your city and county.

YOU can make an impact if one by one, every single homeowner pulls their money from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank and put your funds into a local community bank or credit union.

YOU can make an impact by going to your city council meetings and demanding that the City withdraw its funds from the National Banks and put it into a local community bank or credit union. Get them to follow Berkeley who just pulled $300m from Wells Fargo for their role in this massive fraud (Read here)

We can’t stop Obama and our Congress from selling out Main Street – but we can protect our portion of Main Street by getting our local governments to start making a stand AND by making our own stand by refusing to do business with these mobsters we know as National Banks. If every city, every county gives push back, we can do it!  Take your stand with your money – move it.  So do it. Today!




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