Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Process and Documents

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Process and Documents

Non Judicial Process

Non Judicial Process

This provides a quick overview of what the foreclosure process looks like in non judicial and judicial states.  Timelines are not provided as there is no longer a standard "timeline".  With all the fraud banks have perpetrated more and more homeowners are fighting the foreclosure process and again, the timeline is no longer "standard".

Resources Resources

Throughout this process there will be many different individuals offering their services.    Here, we offer names of a few individuals we have come to know and respect.  We do in    fact, endorse their services. 

  In addition, we provide access to free white papers and reference other websites that    provide outstanding resources to homeowners who are facing this nightmare.

Exaimining Documents Examining Documents (Portions for Pro Se Members Only)

  Review the listing of the documents that tend to be recorded in  local county   recorder  offices prior or during a nonjudicial foreclosure process.  We have included   a sample redacted document as one sample of what the document may look like - if    you want more information in regards to what to look for to determine if there is    anything remiss in the document, please go to "Evaluating Documents for  Fraud" under the paid member section,  and see samples of documents filed in the county records that contain violations of the Statute of Frauds, forgery, perjury and other misdeeds.


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