Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Info To Fight Foreclosure launches Version 2 – Join us as a FIGHTER!

Posted by on Sep 7, 2013

Info To Fight Foreclosure launches Version 2 – Join us as a FIGHTER!

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Info To Fight Foreclosure is pleased to announce the refresh of our website and invite you to join us with other homeowners, pro se and those represented by attorneys, in taking a stand against the patently corrupt national banks and wall street entities that are perpetrating a massive fraud upon the American public.

We offer three membership plans - Reader, Pro Se UD Fighter, and Pro Se.  If you need resources to fight only a UD, then select UD Fighter; if you are fighting a foreclosure then our Pro Se is a perfect fit!  See Membership for more details our subscription membership. 


Current Events Driven:  One thing is for certain, how the courts are understanding and interpreting the law is constantly changing.  What one judge understands today may be totally reversed tomorrow with a new Appellate or Supreme Court ruling.  While our content is not customized to any particular individuals situation, our Case Studies are designed to help the layman understand the court’s reasoning and how new rulings are impacting Trial Court judges legal reasoning.

Homeowners Beating the Banks

Comrades in Arms: This is a war. Each homeowner is fighting an individual battle in this war against the deeply corrupt national banks and wall street firms.  Knowing you are not alone is important; our Forum provides you access to other homeowners in the same battle, sharing their war stories.  Our forum moderators pop in and provide additional support, guiding homeowners to those areas of knowledge that will strengthen your insights on how to protect your property rights.  

Stop your Eviction


Fighting Unlawful Detainer:  While not eviction proof, stopping the eviction is our goal of the Unlawful Detainer Section.  This area of the law is not understood well;  many judges and attorneys confuse the summary procedure to mean that rules of procedure and evidence don't have to be followed.   We take the time to eliminate the mystery surrounding unlawful detainers and provide pro se's with winning appellate decisions that are clear - all summary procedure means is that the issues are limited and the timelines condensed; civil procedure and rules of evidence still pay a major role in the unlawful detainer proceeding. 

Cause of ActionLegal Research Driven: Understanding what cases apply to your situation is critical.  Our Cause of Action section breaks down different causes of actions being used by homeowners in the foreclosure and unlawful detainer fight.  Included are a layman’s overview of the “COA” along with the elements and how to determine the facts or circumstances that may support that COA. Most important, we provide case pleadings and rulings from other successful homeowners for you to peruse and learn from.

Pro Se in CourtReality Driven Content: Fighting this battle means being able to discern between what works and what doesn't;  staying on track and on course with your own battle is the primary goal.  We separate the fact from fiction.  We don’t fuss with nonsense and remain laser focused on what it takes to be heard by the court.  Our Fact or Fiction section debunks scams and rumors; while our State and Federal Litigation Sections explain how the court works.  The Understanding Foreclosure  and  Understanding Securitization on Foreclosure Section’s explain why our country is in this situation and the impact of the fraudulent schemes of national banks and wall street firms.  The Unlawful Detainer Section removes the “not knowing” aspects of unlawful detainers and helps homeowners understand what their rights are when fighting to retain possession of their property.

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