Balancing the Scales of Justice for Pro Se Homeowners

Resources to Fight Foreclosure and Unlawful Detainer

Resources to Fight Foreclosure and Unlawful Detainer



Info to Fight Foreclosure congratulates and commends Gary Dubin for his diligent, and mostly successful, defense of homeowners and the American Justice System.  We post this review of his SIXTH anniversary and highly recommend you spend a few hours listening to one of the most successful foreclosure defense attorney’s in the nation!

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The Strategic Warfare of Mortgage “Servicing” by William Hudson

You can choose your sexual orientation and even your ethnicity but you can’t change your loan servicer. Mortage “servicing” is the ultimate misnomer. Modern loan servicing has nothing to do with service but instead provides a “disservice” in order to boost profits or engineer a default if at all possible. Being forced to contract with a sketchy loan servicer is like being forced to stay married to a spouse who lies, cheats and steals all your money.

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Shalom Honorable Judge Arthur Schack

The Honorable Judge Arthur Schack was one of the first judges in the country to recognize that something was afoot with the fraudulent foreclosure documents being created by the national banks. Often calling out how ludicrous it was that a MERS signer held high level positions with multiple national banks, who all had offices at the exact same location. Regardless to the alleged legality of it, he recognized it as indicia of something fraudulent and often refused a foreclosure; instead demanding the foreclosing bank show up and explain itself.

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3rd Party has Major FAIL in Unlawful Detainer

Dumb Dumb…You were TOLD…You were WARNED….but no……YOU thought you were special and didn’t have to actually prove a clean chain of title. Shucks. Guess you have to follow the law like the rest of us. This family has been battling Deutsche Bank, like millions of others. In this particular matter, while the case was pending appeal, Deutsche moved forward with the Trustee Sale, shortly thereafter selling it a 3rd party.

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California Supreme Court Reverses Yvanova – Banks Cannot Act as Bounty Hunters!

In what can only be determined as a decidedly, albeit professional, thump on the heads of California State and Federal Judges (trial and appellate), along with the banks, the California Supreme Court reminded all citizens, including the legal and banking communities, that the law is the law. In Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage, who is the debt owner is not a matter of controversy – either you own it or you don’t; either you can prove you own it or you can’t. (Yvanova, p.8) What you CANNOT do is foreclose on a borrower’s property if you cannot prove you own it; and a homeowner can challenge the foreclosing party’s claim to own it.

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RIP Justice Scalia

I was deeply sadden to read of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing. He was a conservative justice that made no apologies for his conservative views and was a staunch supporter of the United States Constitution (and Bible). I think it is truly a blow to our U.S. Constitution and the rule of law in this country.   Where often we think of conservative’s as big business supporters, Judge Scalia believed the law was the great leveler; the one place where every person should be protected by the rights every citizen is entitled to under the US Constitution and our laws.

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The Big Short…how does this relate to YOUR Mortgage?

The Big Short released in US Theatres on December 23, 2015; this movie, with actors such as Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell (who I did not recognize!), Marisa Tomei and cameo appearances from Selena Gomez and Margo Robbie, tells the tale of industry players who recognized the pending crash of the US Housing Market in 2008 and as a result, created the “short” to financially benefit from the crash.

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Pro Per's CAN Assert Work Product Privilege!

As a pro per one of the many challenges is protecting the research and work you do, on your own behalf, as an attorney.  Often when responding to discovery, the opposing counsel will say “you are not an attorney, and therefore cannot invoke privilege”. However, that is not true.  According to Meza v. H. Muehlstein & Co., Inc. (2009) 176 Cal.App.4th 969, 970 [98 Cal.Rptr.3d 422] (Meza):

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 Are You Surprised?

Those of us in the daily battle already know they failed to adhere to the Consent Agreements. How about pounding them for a 100Billion or ..then maybe Jamie Dimhead Dimon won’t laugh in senator’s faces telling them….go ahead fine us…as he reaps bonus.

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